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Reasonable price a rich drink and cooking in the BAR of Azabujuban

The shop, in January 2010, we have decided to celebrate the ninth year in this year and opened in Azabu Juban, Higashi-Azabu area.

Aiming to BAR you’ll want to attend every day, drink from its inception both materials and taste cuisine, even while sticking to the rich type, we have continued to provide at an affordable price range.

“Original cocktails” and “Fresh fruit cocktail of the season” is popular with your customers and woman to be the first time your visit. Rich standard cocktails, domestic and foreign whiskey, domestic Jin trend lets me enjoy even higher interest in liquor customers.

In addition, we also abundantly available well with cuisine to drink. Appetizers, salads, meat dishes, is the lineup of which you can use even from 1 hotels first, such as “Yakuzen curry” specialties.

So that we can enjoy in many of our customers, even one person, even in customer service that was cordially we do our best. By all means, please spend a moment of relaxation in our BAR.

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