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Happy Hour

Happy Hour[Tue - Sun] 18:00 ~ 20:00

It has been held every day happy hour in, and sparkling wine in the cheapness of astonishment that I do not think Azabujuban, you can enjoy your meal.

1. Sparkling wine and sparkling cocktail for the best deals!



sparkling wine
500 yen (regular price) ->300 yen

✔ Mimosa
800 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Kir Royale
800 yen (regular price) 500 yen

✔ Bellini
800 yen (regular price)500 yen

✔ red wine
Millesime Grenache Syrah
600 yen (regular price) 500yen

✔ white wine
Millesime Sauvignon Blanc
600 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

ビール -Beer-

✔ Draft beer
700 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Shandy Gaff
700 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Red Eye
700 yen(Regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Clamato Eye
800 yen (regular price) ->500 yen


✔ Iwai Tradition (JP)
900 yen (regular price) ->700 yen

✔ Teachers (Scotch)
700 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

Once was a time in the happy hour served even one person many cups.

In addition, 20pm your visiting customers of up to charge fee will be free.

2. Meals also deals!

We offer some products at happy hour deals from the popular dishes of HiddenLounge.


✔ Cream cheese changer
700 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Salmon and avocado tartare
700 yen (regular price) 500 yen

✔ Homemade pickles
700 yen (regular price) ->500 yen

✔ Caesar salad
900 yen (regular price) 700 yen

✔ Original taco rice
1100 yen (regular price) ->800 yen

✔ Teriyaki chicken bowl
1000 yen (regular price) 700 yen

✔Salt saurce sauteed chicken
1000 yen (regular price) 700 yen

✔ Avocado salmon bowl
1100 yen (regular price) 800 yen


3. Yakuzen curry specialties also deals!

Is an overwhelming popular menu of HiddenLounge “Yakuzen curry” also offers at happy hour deals.


Popular NO.1

✔2 types of combination Medicinal curry
1300 yen (regular price) ->1200 yen

✔Sri Lanka-style Medicinal curry
1100 yen (regular price) ->1000 yen

✔Chicken and ginger stewed medicinal curry
1100 yen (regular price) 1000 yen

✔Minced pork and red pepper Medicinal curry
1100 yen (regular price)→ ->1000 yen

✔ chicken curry of the medicinal soup
1100 yen (regular price) 1000 yen

Please check here for menu details ↓


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